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Toshiba BIOS Tecra A6-EZ6312 Windows XP Driver

Company: Toshiba
Model: BIOS Tecra A6-EZ6312
Category: BIOS Driver
Operating System: Windows XP (Note: might work with other versions of this os.)


File: ta6v300.exe


Toshiba BIOS Tecra A6-EZ6312 Driver. ACPI Flash BIOS version 3.00 for Tecra A6/Satellite M100 (XP)

This BIOS only supports Windows XP.Change HistoryVersion 3.00 - 2008-12-28Added a workaround to cover incorrect EEPROM data that causes a password to be set.Version 2.90 - 2007-10-29A workaround was added to prevent the LCD from staying off after opening the lid to wake from Standby (S3).Version 2.80 - 2007-07-12Updated the ATI VBIOS M52P(BR25700) and M54P(BR25701) tocorrect a display mosaic issue.Updated the BIOS code to show the total memory capacity in the BIOS setup menu.Version 2.70 - 2007-05-30The microcode for Yonah and Merom CPUs was updated.A modification was made to avoid current leakage from SPK_SEL to finger printer.Version 2.60 - 2007-01-09A new Toshiba POST logo was added.This BIOS is for Windows XP and(perhaps) earlier Windows versions.For Windows Vista, please use BIOS version 5.xx.Version 2.50 - 2006-12-22A workaround was implemented for system hangs that occur if a USB mouse is moved continuously during POST.Modified: Thermal fan trip point for the Merom T5200 CPU.Updated: Setup menu string Core Multi-Processing to support Japanese and French languages.Updated: BIOS support for XP to Vista upgrades, and Vista to XP downgrades. Note: Upgrade the BIOS to V5.10 to run Vista. The BIOS must be downgraded to V2.50 or higher (through 4.xx) to run XP.A workaround was implemented for system hangs that occur when waking from repeated USB mouse clicks (left button), or unplugging a USB mouse when the system is entering Standby mode (S3).This BIOS is for Windows XP and(perhaps) earlier Windows versions.For Windows Vista, please use BIOS version 5.xx.Version 2.40 - 2006-11-23.Modified the thermal fan trip point for T5200 CPUs.Updated the microcode for Merom (M2006F251 and M8006F538) and Yonah CPUs (M8006EC59).Added a new Toshiba logo for Malaysian models.Implemented BIOS code per Intels request.Added support for LG LCD Panels (LP141WX1-TLB4_CVS and LP141WX1-TLB4_CVS).Version 2.20 - 2006-09-25Removed debug code to identify who set the password for BIOS.Added a workaround for a BIOS password anomaly.Corrected: The display resolution switches to 800x600 after Intel VGA driver V44.97 is installed.Corrected: A black screen occurred when installing ATI VGA Driver V8.233 on Windows 2000 computers.Corrected: Got the wrong panel EDID data on computers with NVIDIA graphics and Samsung LCD LTN141W1-L06 panels.Version 2.10 - 2006-09-01The ATI VBIOS was updated for LCD flicker and shadow issues.Added a log flag to identify who set the BIOS passwordVersion 2.00 - 2006-08-21Updated the DTS function code for the Merom CPU (FSB: 667MHz).Added Wireless LAN enable/disable support for the Device Lock Utility.Version 1.90 - 2006-07-06Updated the microcode for the Mobile Yonah D0 stepping, and Merom B1 and B2 stepping processors.Corrected an issue where the Execute-Disable Bit Capability in BIOS setup is not grayed out, even though the Unable to run HWSETUP option is set in the Supervisor Password Utility.Corrected an issue where the computer inadvertently powers on when the AC adapter is plugged in and the LCD is opened.Version 1.80 - 2006-06-16Updated the CPU microcode for the Yonah D0 stepping CPU.Corrected a wrong memory size issue that was reported by the System Information test of the Diagnostic Tool.Added support for the SHARP 14.1 LQ141K1LB1C Panel.The Lid process function was changed to prevent the computer from re-entering a hibernation state after waking from a Wake On LAN event. (Conditions: Toshiba Power Saver When I close the Lid function is set to Hibernate. Wake-up on LAN set to Enabled. Hibernation initiated by closing the Display Panel, and the Panel is kept closed.)Version 1.70 - 2006-04-27Corrected: After the computer wakes from hibernation by raising the display panel (lid), and the LCD Monitor turns off due to power management settings, the display may not turn back on after a key is pressed.Implemented the following NVIDIA erratum: nVidia G71M, G72M, and G73M PCIe L1 ASPM incorrect lock during Recovery erratum, Workaround for Mobile IntelR 945GM/PM Express Chipset FamilyUpdated the DTS method for TJ85 CPUs.Added Samsung and LG panel IDs.A change was made to correct the wrong scan codes from being sent by the EC when ALT PrtSc was pressed.Added a CMT CPU thermal fan trip point.Version 1.60 - 2006-04-04BTC function filtering for the Yonah Celeron CPU was modified.The thermal fan trip point was modified.The read thermal sensor initial time was modified.Intel OSB SDK v3.50 was implemented.The Japan model fan table was corrected.Version 1.50 - 2006-03-31Updated: The Intel VBIOS was updated from ver.1284 to ver.1256.Corrected: An unknown device is found after setting the supervisor and user passwords.Corrected: Windows 2000 IEEE-HDD error message.Updated: The ATI M52P, ATI M54P, and Intel GMA Video BIOSs were updated.Added: Intel Merom CPU Support.Added: Intel Yonah CeleronM CPU OSB.Added: Support for Japanese models.Corrected: The NVIDIA VBIOS was updated to correct garbage from flashing on the TV when switching between Clone, Horizontal, and Vertical modes in both NTSC and PAL options.Corrected: Abnormal USB keyboard input in a pure DOS environment.Corrected: The Toshiba logo is displayed too long during POST when using a FMU-ID4-PW mouse.Modified: TouchChip BIOS Authentication (TBA) is disabled after a user reboot.Corrected: The computer wakes from S3 if the LCD panel is closed forcefully.Version 1.20 - 2006-01-26A change was made to ensure small amounts of power would not be consumed if external pressure applied to a closed notebook triggers the power button.Version 1.10 - 2006-01-17Initial Production BIOS for Tecra A6 and Satellite M100/M105.

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